The international conference on Creative Arts Design and Technology (ICCArTe) 2024 is the first international conference organised by the School of Design of Universiti Teknologi Brunei and co-organised by Konsortium Universiti Universitas Borneo. This conference brings together researchers, practitioners, and educators in creative arts design to discuss the latest trends and developments in the field. It focuses on exploring new ideas and approaches in design and fostering creativity and innovation in the field. This conference explores the intersection of technology and artistic expression, showcasing cutting-edge digital art and design projects as well. International conference in creative art, design and technology is great opportunities for international artists, designers, educators, and researchers to come together to share their work, ideas, and insights.


Art, culture and design are greatly influenced by diverse cultural perspectives and traditions and approached by interdisciplinary aspects and collaborations. The efforts to foster cross-cultural dialogue, to promote the exchange of ideas across borders by showcasing a diverse range of artistic styles and design approaches, are significantly important nowadays.
Also, Technology plays a pivotal role in shaping contemporary artistic practices and design processes as well. From digital art and interactive installations to wearable technology and immersive experiences, technology intersects with its creative expression and design process.
Creative arts and design have a significant role in addressing global challenges and issues, such as sustainability, and community development. The conference explores how artists, designers, and technologists are using their skills and expertise to create meaningful impact and promote a more sustainable world.
Overall, the conference on creative art, design, and technology serve as a dynamic forum for advancing knowledge, fostering collaboration, and promoting creativity and innovation at the intersection of art, culture, and technology. By bringing together diverse perspectives and expertise, the conference contributes to the continued evolution and enrichment of creative practices worldwide.

Conference Objectives

  • Provide a forum for intra/inter-disciplinary exchange of current research findings in culture and art design.
  • Foster collaborative research and projects.
  • Enhance dialogue between practitioners, researchers, and academics from different academia, practitioners, and industries.
  • Explore opportunities for the development and implementation of research collaborations.
  • To enhance life-long learning and nurture innovation in culture and art design through holistic approaches.
  • Allow wider dissemination of the issues discussed and knowledge exchanged, presented papers through conference proceedings and publications.

Conference Topics/Areas/Tracks

  • A) Architecture
  • ARC01: Sustainable Design
  • ARC02: hospitality design and experience
  • ARC03: Residential Design
  • ARC04: Commercial Design
  • ARC05: Workspace design and corporate environment
  • ARC06: Retail design, lifestyle trends and customer experience
  • ARC07: Cultural heritage preservation and adaptive reuse
  • ARC08: Urban design and community Development
  • ARC09: Healthcare design and healing environment
  • ARC10: Educational facilities design
  • ARC11: Exhibition and Museum Design
  • ARC12: Interior architecture
  • ARC13: Cultural and Architecture
  • ARC14: Digital Technology and Smart System in Architecture
  • ARC15: Heritage Building
  • ARC16: Vernacular Architecture
  • ARC17: Traditional House in Borneo and other countries
  • ARC18: Modularity and Adaptability


  • B) Industrial and Product Designs
  • PID01: Production Design
  • PID02: User Interface and Experience Design
  • PID03: Transportation Design
  • PID04: Furniture Design
  • PID05: Packaging Design
  • PID06: Interaction Design
  • PID07: Environmental Design
  • PID08: Medical Device Design
  • PID09: Retail and Exhibition Design
  • PID10: Industrial Equipment and Mmachinery
  • PID11: Sporting Goods and Equipment
  • PID12: Home and Kitchen Products
  • PID13: Accessories Design
  • PID14: Product Marketing and Branding
  • PID15: Ergonomics and Design
  • PID16: Design for Sustainability
  • PID17: Future of Design
  • PID18: Digital Technology and Smart System in Industrial and Product Design
  • C) Fashion Design, Textile and Technology
  • FDT01: Apparel Design
  • FDT02: Textile Design
  • FDT03: Costume Design
  • FDT04: Fashion Illustration
  • FDT05: Pattern making and garment construction.
  • FDT06: Fashion merchandising and retail management
  • FDT07: Fashion Styling
  • FDT08: Fashion Marketing and Branding
  • FDT09: Fashion technology and Innovation
  • FDT10: Apparel Textile
  • FDT11: Home Textile
  • FDT12: Technical Textile
  • FDT13: Textile production and Manufacturing
  • FDT14: Textile Sustainability and Innovation
  • FDT15: Textile Marketing and Merchandising
  • FDT16: Fashion Textile and Trend Forecasting
  • FDT17: Textile Education
  • FDT18: Wearable technology
  • FDT19: E-textile and smart fabrics
  • FDT20: Sustainable fashion technology
  • FDT21: Digital technology and smart system in Fashion Design


  • D) Technology in Creative Art Design
  • TED01: 3D printing and additive manufacturing technology
  • TED02: Digital design tools
  • TED03: Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality
  • TED04: Generative design and Artificial Intelligence
  • TED05: Smart Design
  • TED06: Motion Graphics and Animation
  • TED07: Art Data Analytic and AI
  • TED08: Product robotics and automation
  • TED09: Product apps and mobile commerce
  • TED10: Building Systems and Components; Prefab Technology and Parasitic Architecture Design for Heritage Building
  • TED11: Production Technology; Design for Manufacturing (DfM)
  • TED12: Automation and Robotic; Reproduction through ie 3D printing in Building construction.
  • TED13: Building Information Modelling BIM; library of building systems and components for heritage buildings.
  • TED14: Zero Energy Building (ZEB); renewable energy for sustainability in Building

Publication Opportunities

Journal of Advanced Research Design
Indexed in Google Scholar and MyJurnal
(No additional charge)
Journal of Advanced Research in Applied Sciences
and Engineering Technology

Indexed in Scopus (Additional charge applied ($300)

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